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Monterey Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents are a leading cause of personal injury and death in America. If you have been injured in a traffic collision caused by the negligent driving of another party or unsafe roadway condition, you may be entitled to recover monetary compensation through a personal injury claim. If a family member was killed in a traffic accident caused by the negligent or reckless driving of another or a roadway condition, your family is entitled to recover in a wrongful death claim.

Car Accidents and Injuries

The basic types of car accidents are rollovers, head-on collisions, road departures, head on, broadside and rear-end collisions. The physical, emotional and financial repercussions resulting from car accidents can greatly affect many aspects of your life. Physical injuries can result in expensive medical bills for emergency care, follow up medical treatment, including medication and therapy, and even surgery. These injuries can also result in a marked impact on the victim's ability to perform routine daily activities and live a high quality life. Lost wages from the inability to work also become a factor in many cases. Compensation should include lost income and future wage loss or loss of ability to work.

According to a 1985 study on road traffic crashes, over 50% of car accidents are directly caused by driver error. There are also a large percentage of accidents that occur due to roadway factors. In either case, there is a large chance that you were not at fault for the car accident you were involved in, and our firm is capable of assessing your situation and determining liability. Some common causes of traffic collisions include:

  • Distracted drivers
  • Unsafe speeds or reckless driving
  • Driver impairment (including driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs)
  • Physical impairments
  • Uneducated or unlicensed drivers

It is important to note that there are many other factors in personal injury car accidents. Whether the other driver was uninsured, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if a hit and run offense was committed, these are factors that can affect the outcome of cases. At Spiering, Swartz & Kennedy we ensure that we handle each case according to its unique facts in a timely and competent manner in order to bring about a successful conclusion with the most favorable result.

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Time is a crucial factor when filing personal injury car accident claims. It is essential that you consult a Monterey car accident lawyer immediately if you were involved in a car accident that was not your fault. As a victim, you deserve to be compensated by those who are responsible for your injuries and the other consequences that can result because of them.

Our firm understands the strain on your physical, emotional and financial well-being that car accidents can create. We pride ourselves on getting the facts and information as soon as possible in order to move forward quickly in determining and proving liability. With over 100 years of combined experience, we can help. Contact us today.